Think Of Me..But Not Always With Sadness

Think Of Me..But Not Always With Sadness

Something I wrote from the perspective of our loved ones in Heaven.

"Think of me...but not always with sadness. Think of me and all of the moments we shared. I live in your heart, I will always stay there.. Smile for me when you see those stars in the sky, I spend my days watching over you from way up high. Think of me in moments that make your heart soar, through the joys in your life, remember me more. Dry those tears and clear your view, look for me in all of the little things I left behind, they will always be a part of you. So when you think of me, don’t think of me in sorrow, I am with you through all of your tomorrows. For in this life we are intertwined, forever through our hearts and minds."

-Jenna Lowthert, Daughter Of An Angel 

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