My Grandmother’s Eulogy

My Grandmother’s Eulogy

My grandmother was a woman of courage and love with a stubborn streak that showed when she had her mind set on something.

There aren’t enough words to describe the impact she had on my life and how important she was and always will be. She was a massive part of shaping me into the person I am and I will be forever grateful for her  unconditional love, encouragement and support.

I will forever miss her 20 phone calls a day to make sure I’m okay, all of the laughs and good memories, her selflessness and most importantly our monthly food shopping trips.

A few days ago one of my grandmas friends asked for an update on how she was doing. I told him she is very tired, not just tired in a sleepy way but tired.

He replied with “I don’t think any of us can comprehend being tired, in this context, until perhaps one day we are faced with it.”

And in that moment I knew I was fighting so hard for her, for myself. She was ready to go and was at peace knowing how much we loved her. On the last day of her life, my sister stood by her side and told her not to worry and that everyday would be okay. My grandma said back “I’ll be as free as a bird.” 

When a person is so important to you, it is so hard to comprehend the fact that that wee physically gone. You go to their house, you tie up the loose ends and you struggle to decide what to keep or what to throw away. 

But what really measures a life?

It’s not the money or the fancy cars or how many times you’ve cleaned the kitchen or mopped the floors. It’s not even how many days we spend on this earth.

It’s the way we make sure the people we love know how much we loved them. It’s how selflessly we live. It’s the moments and memories we make along the way. To measure a life you have to measure the heart.

A bond as special as ours can never be broken. Rest peacefully you beautiful soul. I will miss you for the rest of my days.

In Loving Memory of Rosemarie Frio 🕊💔03/24/1939-08/14/2022






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