A Letter From Your Mom In Heaven

A Letter From Your Mom In Heaven

My mom passed away in 2013. She was just 48 years old. It saddens me how much she has missed over the last 10 years. I wrote this letter from the perspective of a mother in Heaven and what I think mine would write if she could.


To My Daughter,

I hope the days you have spent without me have not been filled with so much heartache and sadness. I hope they have been filled with all of the love, strength, and happiness you deserve. Though I am no longer with you on earth, please know that I am always watching over you. I have not missed a beat. This life is filled with ups and downs and I know you’ve struggled with my passing but I hope you continue to live your life in the fullest way possible. Life is a gift and I want you to always remember to make the most of it. Love life, go see the world, always be kind to others and never give up on those dreams of yours. When you are sad, please remember that you always carry a piece of me with you. We are forever connected, no matter the distance. You have my heart, you are my heart. When you feel lost or lonely, please think of me with joy rather than sadness. and when you’re missing me, please think of all the happy times, the laughter, and the love that we shared. I know I can’t be by your side to tell you it will all be okay but you must know, my daughter, that my love for you never went away. Never forget that I live in your heart and one day, when the time is right, I will see you again and hug you so tight.

With all my love from Heaven,


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