A Letter From Your Dad In Heaven

A Letter From Your Dad In Heaven

To My Daughter,

My wish for you is that you are embraced in all of the light and love that this world has to offer. Although you can no longer see me,

I want you to know that I am still very much a part of your life, forever watching you from the sky.

Please remember that I have loved every precious moment that I had with you, my sweet daughter. I am so lucky to be your Dad. I am your guardian angel now, always protecting you just as I did on earth.

When you find yourself missing me, I hope you look to your heart because that is where you will find me. I have left all of the best pieces of me with you and I know you will use them to look ahead to the brighter days.

Never forget that you are strong enough to make it through any storm that comes your way. I am with you through every struggle, every sorrow and every happy moment.

Take some time to stop and look around at all of the beauty that still remains. Never stop dreaming and always share your love with the world, just as you shared it with me.

You will always be my little girl,


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